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  • RuneScape Heat map shows huge rush to the new elven city
    [ 10/13/2014 ]

    On September 22, 2014 was released for RuneScape, the new expansion "The Lost City often the Elves". As a highlight of the update applies the elven city Prifddinas. An animated map now shows impressively how the majority of the gaming community gathered in front of the opening of the gates.

    More than two weeks ago, the release of "The Lost City often the Elves" for RuneScape. With a vote in January this year, the community of MMORPGs was a clear signal and an order to bring the elven city Prifddinas into play. Jagex followed the results of the survey and provided the result last month. Now the studio can prove that the elven city with its white buildings and green spiers is actually a real crowd pleaser. An animated heat map shows the video before all the players movements and during the opening of the city gates. It is striking that many wanted to be among the first visitors of Prifddinas. Even before opening, players gathered en masse in front of the entrance to the city, visible to the entire metropolitan area full of red points in the video.

    Prifddinas divided into the Tower of Voices, Crwys District, Cadarn District, Iorwerth District, Trahaearn District and the area Max Guild. The players flocked to the streets of these areas. In particular, the communities Trahaearn proved for miners and blacksmiths as a great attraction, while in melee Iorwerth District felt comfortable.

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  • 20-02-2014
    I just bought 2000K and it was delivered in less than 5 mins! Thanks again, guys! You're the best :).
  • 20-02-2014
    First time customer and I have one word to describe my experience "AWSOME".
  • 20-02-2014
    Fast and quick service will purchase here again..
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