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  • Relic Hunter ethereal rune Outfits
    [ 10/17/2014 ]

    It shows what is hiding in tun interior, and power your skills in Creating runes runic ethereal outfits.

    Open the chests of Relic Hunter from 16 October, at 01:00, UK time, and on October 21, at 00:59, UK time, to win the ethereal garments runic outfits.

    You will have the opportunity to get three different runic ethereal outfits: the ethereal law , the death ethereal and ethereal blood . Each consists of five parts tradable, and grants you the following benefits related to creation runes:

    The opportunity to double your runes to drain into the Runiverso. 1% for each part of the outfit, so you can get up to 5% if you do them all.
    A 25% chance that your backpack runic not degrade when training Creating runes with full attire.
    Store up to 6 units of rune essence with the full outfit.
    All the benefits of attire runic master craftsman and the infamous outfit.
    The ability to move between areas Runiverso no cost in runes.
    It combines the same parts of the three outfits to create the ethereal attire infinity , which gives you the benefits already mentioned, plus:

    The probability of doubling your runes in Runiverso increases to 7% with the complete outfit.
    A 50% chance that your backpack runic not degrade with the complete outfit.
    The maximum amount of rune essence that can be saved with full attire increases to 12.
    Five daily teleports next to the yellow Runiverso sorcerer (and back!)
    During the first three days of the promotion, you can win different parts of one of the outfits each day. Back to Relic Hunter 4 and 5 to get any of the three outfits and complete your stats:

    16 October at 01:00 - 17 October at 00:59: Ethereal law
    17 October at 01:00 - 18 October at 00:59: ethereal death
    18 October at 01:00 - 19 October at 00:59: ethereal blood
    19 October at 01:00 - 21 October at 00:59: the three outfits
    All times listed above are governed by DST UK.

    Everyone gets a key to the day, and if you are a member of RuneScape , receive two. You can also get them playing. Visit the wiki to find out how to get them, and for more information on Relic Hunter.

    Also, you can get more by buying keys through billing , exchanging oriflammes in the game or just by clicking the "Buy Key" appearing in Relic Hunter.

    The RuneScape Team

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  • 20-02-2014
    I just bought 2000K and it was delivered in less than 5 mins! Thanks again, guys! You're the best :).
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    First time customer and I have one word to describe my experience "AWSOME".
  • 20-02-2014
    Fast and quick service will purchase here again..
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