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  • Jagex has today announced that the closed beta phase of the recently announced action title block N Load is started. Jagex is well known for the successful role-playing game Runescape.Block N Load, the recently announced online multiplayer action game from Jagex, now the closed beta phase has been r...

  • Hello everyone.Unfortunately, as of today we will no longer provide support for the Latin American Spanish version of RuneScape and November 3, 2014 will close its servers and website.The launch of this product was a year and a half ago and since then have worked with RuneScape Axeso5 to bring the S...

  • Meet Eater with Magnetite Burthorpe, and will send to the house of Death.When you arrive, you discover that Death is besieged by a group of ghosts, freed by Melzar the Fool, and she is unable to exorcise.It will deliver a proto team , the latest technology Ghostbusters, and you can begin to get rid ...

  • The news appeared a few hours ago on the official website of the software house Jagex. The press talks about a new game in development ready to land on our Android devices. The title of brand Jagex will be called Chronicle: Runescape Legends, but we do not know if it will be the official name or the...

  • It shows what is hiding in tun interior, and power your skills in Creating runes runic ethereal outfits.Open the chests of Relic Hunter from 16 October, at 01:00, UK time, and on October 21, at 00:59, UK time, to win the ethereal garments runic outfits.You will have the opportunity to get three diff...

  • You read correctly guilty, RuneScape, video game massive multiplayer online role or MMORPG for which you molen more abbreviations and stuff, will have its own set of virtual cards dubbed Chronicle: RuneScape Legend.It seems that Jagex, the company responsible for developing these two titles, having ...

  • On September 22, 2014 was released for RuneScape, the new expansion "The Lost City often the Elves". As a highlight of the update applies the elven city Prifddinas. An animated map now shows impressively how the majority of the gaming community gathered in front of the opening of the gates...

  • Comes the best time of year!No, we are not referring to Christmas, but to RuneFest!The event of the year and almost started and it is certain to be even better, bigger and more wonderful than last year! With presentations of the product, the competition for the Golden Gnomes largest to date, a party...

  • Today, seasoned hunters RuneScape will be able to catch new statchompas , creatures that will bring spice to the collection of resources through additional XP, and specific benefits to the jurisdiction practiced.Today also sees the launch of our survey on how to combat the former . Players subscribe...

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  • 20-02-2014
    I just bought 2000K and it was delivered in less than 5 mins! Thanks again, guys! You're the best :).
  • 20-02-2014
    First time customer and I have one word to describe my experience "AWSOME".
  • 20-02-2014
    Fast and quick service will purchase here again..
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